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Robert Laura

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Whether you are a fortune 500 company of a small firm with a growing list of retirement aged employees we can customize our material to meet your needs.

Through a wide range of content and delivery mechanisms we help 50+ age group plan and prepare for the non-financial aspects of retirement including the mental, social, physical, and even spiritual if desired. We have a variety of workshops, newsletters, and guides that help engage and empower employees to replace their work identity, stay connected to family, friends, and co-workers, as well as keep mentally and physically fit.

All the material can be seamlessly personalized with company name, contact information, and logo. Furthermore, we make it simple to integrate into existing wellness initiates with our one-click landing pages. As part of our packaging we will create a landing page for your retirees and members to read a short message from the company and quickly access the material. Database tracking is also made available to employers in order to monitor use. Sample website here

Retirement Wellness Newsletters (Click for sample)

Help your employees retire well with our engaging and well-rounded Retirement Wellness Report. It's designed to meet the evolving demands of active, intelligent, and motivated baby boomers by focusing on non-financial retirement issues including how to help them replace their work identity, stay connected to family and friends, and keep mentally and physically fit.

How To Prepare Your Marriage For Retirement (Click for sample)

Whether you have remarried or are celebrating a milestone anniversary, you know that men and women tend to have their own thoughts and ideas when it comes to just about everything, including retirement. That makes it critical for couples to take the time to communicate their thoughts and...

The Truth About Part-Time Work and Volunteering in Retirement

Part-time work and volunteering are two of the most popular things people plan to do once they retire. While both can go a long way to help retirees they can also come with challenges that are seldom talked about, let alone planned for. That makes it more important than ever to reveal the truth...

Three Things No One Tells You About Retirement

Whether it's looking at the dark side of retirement, treating your health as your most prized asset, or looking at retirement as a powerful metaphor, there are a number of things that never make it into traditional retirement discussions, let alone get planned for. Current and soon-to-be retirees need to...

Discover Your Passion In Retirement

Living a passionate life puts you in an exclusive club! However, many people don't have a process for uncovering their passion in retirement. As you will see in the guide, I came across an amazing formula that will not only change your retirement but also be a positive influence in the lives of those around you.

Seven Retirement Questions You're Afraid To Ask

Retirement can come with some unanswered questions, including more personal situations that can cause unnecessary worry and anxiety. No matter your situation, you're not alone in your thoughts or concerns. Join us as we examine topics such as divorce, adult children, part-time work, and more.

The Dark Side Of Retirement

There is a hidden epidemic taking place in the shadows of retirement. It's a chilling reality that will impact baby boomers and their families more deeply than any economic recession or market crash. It's the dark side of retirement, where addiction, depression, and suicide can take over and crush your retirement if you're not ready to address it.

Eight Wall Street Words Every Retiree Needs To Know

People today are more responsible for their retirement than ever before. That means they need to know the key areas, relevant topics and questions to ask. Whether you've recently retired or are coming up on the horizon, you can feel confident in using these eight Wall Street words and concepts to help make the most of your life savings.

Retirement Secret No One Is Telling You About

The most powerful an compelling guide for recruiting and encouraging baby boomers to start a business. It's packed full of research and statistics on the personal and financial benefits of starting your own business, as well as essential inspiration to...