Celebrity Interviews

Building A Fortune Property Brothers Style

Two of HGTV's most prominent stars, Jonathan and Drew Scott took time away from their busy filming schedule to talk with me.

Rick Harrison: Pawning His Way To The Top

For centuries, people have used various forms of barter, exchange, and pawning for quick access to money.

Pastor Rick Warren Is Well Prepared For A Purpose Driven Retirement

You might wonder how much the Pastor of a mega-church with more than 20,000 attendees pockets from the weekly offering basket.

Music Superstar Amy Grant On Caring For An Aging Parent

She has sold over 30 million records, won six Grammy's and several Dove awards, appeared on every major talk show, and hosted a reality TV show.

How Star Athletes Deal With Retirement

NFL great Deion Sanders isn't shy about how he sees it. "It's important to walk away from the game and not have the game walk away from you..."

Cheech and Chong Talk Retirement, Aging, and Pot

When I scheduled my interviews with Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong I had visions of them arriving in a purple low-rider and, they would magically appear from behind a cloud of smoke.

Retirement Wellness

Overcoming Mental Challenges Your First Year Of Retirement

"At first" is a phrase I commonly hear from retirees who have made it through the first few years of retirement.

Senseless Retirement

When it comes to investing and retirement one of the few areas of risk management that is not traditionally discussed or planned for is the loss of an individual's five senses.

Baby Boomer's Retirement Dilemma: How Can Everything Look So Right But Feel So Wrong?

You stand on the verge of the retirement you've anticipated for years and yet, despite the fact that you've done everything you thought you were supposed to do...

Five Must-See Videos That Inspire And Redefine Retirement

Too often, retirement is portrayed as a financial event or a journey; one in which you spend years paying into Social Security, save into your retirement plan or pension and, as a result...

How To Help Adult Children Get Back On Their Own Two Feet

An interesting aspect of being a financial professional is that we get a firsthand look at how people earn, save, and spend money.

Religion And Retirement

The idea of a spiritual retirement can carry with it a variety of connotations. It's generally a taboo subject that few planners and clients ever address.

Retirement Income

Best Dividend Stocks For Retirement Income In 2015

Heading into 2015 I feel the most important component to a successful investing year is yield.

Using Preferred Stocks For Retirement Income

Can't a retiree get a break? It seems as if everywhere they turn they're faced with downright depressing interest rates.

Considering Options To Boost Retirement Income?

Given today's ultra-low interest rates, more and more retirees are looking for safe ways to generate income.

Three Tips For New Dividend Investors

I recently taught a Do-It-Yourself Dividend Investing class. The audience was all baby boomers.

Three Easy Ways To Select and Compare Dividend Stocks

In the first article of this series I outlined three tips for new DIY dividend investorsentering retirement should know.

Sprucing Up Your Retirement Portfolio

In addition to your annual spring clean-up, now may be a good time to trim back a few portfolio positions, and decorate your retirement landscape.

Sector Rotation Explained

When retired people hear the word "rotation", they typically think of golf swings, bowling form, or dance moves.

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