About Us

The goal is simple: make retirement planning more personal, creative and fun by helping people plan for more than the dollars and cents of it. That includes things like how to replace your work identity, stay connected to friends and family, and keep mentally and physically fit. I can tell you I have seen hundreds of people retire and some people transition into it like a fish in water, but others never seem to truly acclimate.

So what's the difference? Those who have concrete plans to fill their time, look for opportunities to connect and engage family and friends, participate in activities like travel, car or other clubs, and even just read regularly, have a much easier time going from work mode to retirement mode.

The merging of my thoughts, ideas, and skills eventually culminated into a book called Naked Retirement. Since writing the book several years ago it has turned into a fun and engaging workshop and webinar, as well as tools and resources for financial professionals and several ongoing writing projects at Forbes.com and Financial Advisor magazine to name a few.

For me, it's a ton of fun to be in a position to not only help people better understand how to invest in order to reach their financial goals, but more importantly, how to help them make the most of their time and energy during this next phase of their life.

I hope you find value in our many free guides and tools, that are targeted at some of the challenges (and opportunities) you may face in retirement; that you will consider joining us for a webinar or workshops; will take the time to read some of my most popular articles and insights into everyday life of retirement; and don't forget to visit our retirement store.

Too many retirees have all these great thoughts and ideas as to how they want to spend their time in retirement, but very few take the next step of actually buying the course to teach them a second language, to learn how to play a musical instrument, or to plan that trip of a lifetime. And don't be shy. Feel free to contact me via email or phone - just click here.